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Installing MySQL-python with custom mysql installation

If you are tryng to $ pip install MySQL-python in a system where MySQL is installed manually (not with a packet manager) you will get this error:

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Comunikino, an Arduino based communication system

“Social things” have replaced traditional ways of communication like sms and mails. One day i needed a new, fast, mobile and snappy way of communication. So i made Comunikino. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9fqseT9PI0 It consists of two main parts, a script in python that … Continue reading

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Communicate with Arduino using python

Os: linux, windows (not tested), mac osx (not tested) Difficulty: medium Knowledge you need: a little bit of python programming (ver 2.x) and Arduino Let’s see how easy it is to communicate with an Arduino 2009 board and the  pySerial python’s module. What we will do is to use python to send characters serially to an Arduino 2009 which will … Continue reading

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