Installing MySQL-python with custom mysql installation

If you are tryng to

$ pip install MySQL-python

in a system where MySQL is installed manually (not with a packet manager) you will get this error: Continue reading

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How to install nbd on CentOS

There is no packages (client or server) for CentOS yet but you can use an rpm for Fedora you can get here. Grab one not too new. I used the one for Fedora 15 for a CentOS 6.2. After that to use nbd-client you need the nbd kernel module. Unfortunatly there is no kernel module in this rpm. If you are lucky try

# modprobe nbd

but if you are not you need to find nbd.ko somewhere else (for example inside a kernel’ rpm) or decide to compile it by youself and then

# insmod nbd.ko

Now you can use nbd-server and nbd-client.

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Fixing an enc28J60 based Arduino Mega ethertnet shield

Prototyping my home automation system i ran into troubles. I can’t make work two SPI devices on Arduino Mega. One is an ethernet shield based on enc28J60 made by ekitszone, other is a small module based on Nordic’s nRF24L01+ transceiver. Spot the problem without an oscilloscope was really frustrating, oscilloscopes are not hacker’s best friends for nothing. Continue reading

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Comunikino, an Arduino based communication system

“Social things” have replaced traditional ways of communication like sms and mails. One day i needed a new, fast, mobile and snappy way of communication. So i made Comunikino.

It consists of two main parts, a script in python that runs on the PC and a box that goes on desktop connected through an USB cable used for data and power (no external power needed if you use a 500mA capable usb port!). You need to create a mailbox  for Comunikino with pop access, i raccomend to use gmail as many providers don’t offer pop access for free mailboxes.

Using Comunikino is simple, just send a mail to its mailbox and the subject will be printed to its LCD (max 16 chars). Who reads the message can use one of three Comunikino’s buttons to send a mail back to the address setted in python script to say yes, no or readed (this button can also to be used to say: “hey! I’m thinking of you”). Simple, isn’t it?
Continue reading

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Prevent Google Analytics to log you

Have you heard that? Google made up a Chrome (and Chromium) extension  to let you bypass Analytics’s tracking java code. So if you work on a website and don’t want to perturb site stats or if you are jealous about your privacy this is for you! You can download it on Crome web store.

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EIA 485 over unused pairs of ethernet cable [Test]

To carry out my plan of a home automation system (domotics) made by me I am experimenting the use of the EIA 485 communications protocol. Having wired the house with lots of cat5 cables and knowing that two of the four pairs of which it is composed are not used to the speed of 100 Mb, I tried to pass the signal on these wires to see if the two streams (TCP/IP and the EIA 485) could coexist without major problems. Here’s how the test was performed:
Continue reading

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Communicate with Arduino using python

Os: linux, windows (not tested), mac osx (not tested)
Difficulty: medium
Knowledge you need: a little bit of python programming (ver 2.x) and Arduino

Let’s see how easy it is to communicate with an Arduino 2009 board and the  pySerial python’s module. What we will do is to use python to send characters serially to an Arduino 2009 which will send them back. Continue reading

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Creare ombre con i CSS

Difficoltà: Facile
Conoscenze richieste: un po’ di css e html

Lo sapevate? Esistono tag css che permettono di creare ombre per oggetti e testo “al volo” senza cioè usare programmi di foto ritocco. Le ombre saranno create direttamente dal browser del visitatore. Le cose che dirò dovrebbero essere valide per i seguenti browser: Continue reading

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Guardare i video flash con vlc o totem su Ubuntu

Difficoltà: Facile
Conoscenze richieste: utilizzo di base di linux
Sistema Operativo: Ubuntu 10.04 (ma dovrebbe funzionare in molte altre distro e versioni, fatemi sapere)

Sapevate che potete vedere i video che usano il flash player (i video di youtube, i video su megavideo etc etc) direttamente su vlc o totem (il player di default di ubuntu)? Ecco come fare: Continue reading

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Il primo post del mio ennesimo blog. Quante volte ci ho provato in questi anni? Si contano sulle dita di una mano i tentativi di mantenere un mio blog personale, mi chiedo allora cosa succederà questa volta, cosa c’è di diverso che permetterà a questa avventura di durare più delle altre. Cambiamenti in questi anni internet ne ha subiti parecchi come del resto è nella sua natura, una parola tra tutte riecheggia ovunque social. Continue reading

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